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Technical Review Committee

Providing good customer service is an important aspect of Henderson County government. The TRC is established to: (1) put applicants together with officials from County departments during the review of plans and projects, (2) review studies and plans containing recommendations for the future of Henderson County, (3) advise the Board of Commissioners on land use and development, (4) administer regulations regarding the subdivision of land, and (5) review requests for amendments to the Land Development Code and Official Zoning Map. The TRC shall adhere to its established Rules of Procedure.

Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Minutes

The TRC meets the first Tuesday of each month at 2:00 PM (unless otherwise noted) in the King Street Meeting Room, located at 100 North King Street, Hendersonville, NC.


Meeting Date
December 19
December 5
November 21
October 17
October 3
August 15
August 1
July 18
June 20
June 6
April 18
April 4
March 7
February 7
January 3


Meeting Date
December 6
October 18
October 4
September 20
September 6
August 2
June 7
May 17
May 3
April 19
April 5
March 15
March 1



Meeting Date
December 15  Minutes
December 1  (Cancelled)    
November 17
November 3 (Cancelled)    
September 15
September 1
August 18 Minutes
August 4 (Cancelled)    
July 21   Minutes
July 7 (Cancelled)    
June 16
June 2
May 5
April 21
April 7 (Cancelled)    
March 17
March 3
February 3
January 6 (Cancelled)    

Click here for previous agendas and minutes.



The TRC consists of up to seven (7) regular members. Department heads, or their designated representative(s), from the following County offices shall be appointed as regular members of the TRC:

Department Head/Representative
Planning Department (Chair)
Senior Planner, Autumn Radcliff
Building Services Department
Director, Tom Staufer
Environmental Health Division
Supervisor, Seth Swift
Fire Marshal's Office
Fire Marshal, Wally Hollis
Engineering and Facility Services Department
Director, Marcus Jones
Erosion Control Division
Division Chief, Natalie Berry
Code Enforcement Services Department
Director, Toby Linville

The TRC may also request, at the discretion of the of the Chair (Planning Department Director), participation from the following department heads or staff, or their designated representatives: County Attorney, EMS Director, Henderson County School Superintendent, NCDOT Representative, Parks and Recreation Director, Sheriff, Soil and Water Conservationist, Utilities Provider Representative, and/or other department heads/staff/representatives.

Specific Duties

Perform any duties that may lawfully be assigned to it (See also Chapter 42, Land Development Code, Article X (Decision-Making, Administrative and Advisory Bodies §42-308 (Henderson County Technical Review Committee)).